October 2016


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Wound Care Rehabilitation

Pleasant Ridge Manor’s Wound Management Team has a proven record for successfully caring for individuals with chronic wounds caused by vascular disease, diabetes, and other conditions. Hard-to-heal wounds can only get better with constant medical intervention. Pleasant Ridge Manor’s Wound Management team provides advanced wound care technologies with caring and compassionate attention.

Our Wound Management Team is supervised by a wound care specialist, physicians, trained nurses, physical and occupational therapists, dieticians, and social workers, so that the whole person is treated as they progress toward recovery.

Upon admission for wound care, the patient’s wound is assessed for size, granulation, odor, and drainage. Our team approach includes the use of Wound Vacuum equipment for reduced healing time, IV antibiotics, specialized air mattresses, and rehabilitation techniques of High Volt P Current electrical stimulation, diathermy, ultrasound, a customized diet plan, and pain management.

The Wound Care Team has had proven success with:

  • Residents with chronic non-healing ulcer
  • Diabetic residents who experience difficult wound healing
  • Residents at risk of amputation secondary to non-healing wound
  • Residents with stage III or higher wound
  • Residents compromised by pain related to wound

Applicants interested in receiving their wound care at Pleasant Ridge Manor can speak with a member of our Wound Management Team, and be reassured of their plan of care and treatment.

Please call the Admissions Office, 474-5521, ext. 216, to initiate a referral.


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