Junior Aide Program

Our Junior Aide program takes place each summer for eight weeks. These students not only provide much needed help during the summer, but they gain valuable life experiences by participating. 

To be eligible, students must be thirteen (13) years or older, have at least a C average grade level and parent's signed permission to participate.  Identification badges are a requirement and will be provided with a $15 deposit, refunded at the conclusion of the program and return of the badge.

Dress code for girls: smocks are provided and must be returned. Dress code for the guys: red polo or tee shirts with NO writing or pictures on them.  Girls may wear red polo or tee shirts as well; no writing or pictures permitted. Closed toe shoes only.

Program details will be reviewed at the mandatory  orientation.

Complete and submit the Junior Aide registration form to be considered for this program.

We'll go over your interests at our orientation meeting