Pleasant Ridge Manor Testimonials

I am extremely happy with Pleasant Ridge Manor. I previously had my mother here over 30 years ago for 9 ½ years and when my wife needed care, I wanted her here because I knew she would get excellent care too. The food is delightful and the best part is I can eat lunch every day with my wife if I like to. I would highly recommend Pleasant Ridge Manor to anyone looking for nursing facility care. You can’t go wrong with Pleasant Ridge Manor.

Mr. John LaPlaca
Family Member of Nursing Home Resident
Erie, PA

Charlotte has volunteered well over 1,000 hours at Pleasant Ridge Manor, and when it came time for her husband to receive skilled nursing services, she stated, “This is exactly where I wanted him to go.” Ed stated, “I’ve been here over a year and a half and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Not long after Ed moved in, Charlotte herself needed additional support. “The admissions staff worked wonderfully with our family to help us transition into a room together..” “The nurses are great here.  We’ve seen them with other residents and they’re very attentive and caring.” Staff has been very helpful.”

Ed & Charlotte Hewitt
Erie, PA
Nursing Home Volunteer

Hi. My name is Judy and I’m a resident at Pleasant Ridge Manor. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Admissions and the financial staff for helping me with my admission here. We have a wonderful Nursing staff; you’re very kind and helpful to us. Physical therapy and occupational therapy has worked with me on all my problems. They serve wonderful meals here. They have your laundry back the next day. Housekeeping is so good, and they’re very kind and helpful to you. All kind and helpful the whole staff here; it’s a wonderful place to stay. I appreciate it very well. Thank you.

Judith Applebee
Erie, PA
Resident at Pleasant Ridge Manor

Hi, my name is Mark and I’ve been a resident at Pleasant Ridge Manor for almost two years. I was here because I had a stroke. Rehab here is excellent. I’m able to take care of myself now. The staff is excellent; the food is great. The chapel is one of my favorite places at Pleasant Ridge Manor, as well as resident council meetings and Bible study. I love this place. I’m glad to be here but I’ll miss it when I go.

Mark Nowotny
Erie, PA
Rehab Resident

My name is Pam and I will be 54 in November. I was really impressed how much I could socialize and make new friends with staff members and residents. Social Services connected me with services I didn’t even know existed in the community. My therapy was geared specifically to me so that I could return home. I am going to miss everyone and I’m hoping to come back to visit.

Pam Aktas
Erie, PA

This is Tom, who gave us the honor of providing his rehab and nursing services. Tom asked to publicly thank all of the PRM staff who participated in his care needs. Tom said that he was admitted to Pleasant Ridge Manor with 93 staple wounds after extensive surgery. He has recovered, remained free of infection, and is going home tomorrow! Tom said his care was "fabulous", and staff was "so caring and compassionate".


Pleasant Ridge Manor is a wonderful place! The staff is always so kind and helpful. They are very caring. There is plenty to do, and the meals are delicious. When I needed care, I'm glad I chose Pleasant Ridge Manor.

Jane Girard
Resident of Pleasant Ridge Manor

I came to Pleasant Ridge Manor for care after being hospitalized. I'm glad I did. The staff and rehabilitation here are very good. There are also great activities and outings offered. My favorites have been a Seawolves Game and an outdoor concert. I would recommend Pleasant Ridge Manor to anyone.

Richard Horn
Resident of Pleasant Ridge Manor

Transitioning a loved one into a nursing home is one of the most difficult things we are asked to do all the staff without exception at Pleasant Ridge have provided outstanding help, support, and care on every level. I could not say enough good things about the place and their standards of care and compassion.

C Weiss
Family member of a Resident

So happy I made Pleasant Ridge Manor my home. The loving and caring staff members are second to none-We Are Family

Grace Madonia
Fairview, PA
Resident of Pleasant Ridge Manor

When my mother needed nursing home care for her CHF, there was only one place I considered for her care, Pleasant Ridge Manor. My mother loved all the activities and went to as many as possible. She always praised all the staff for their friendliness and caring attitude -- dietary, housekeeping, activities, and nursing. Knowing she was happy being at Pleasant Ridge Manor was very comforting to our family.

Sally Hough

This excerpt was taken from an Erie Times News  Letter to the Editor  2/10/2014. In regards to the care given her daughter after her transfer to our East Facility, Ms. Sperduto says:

"The entire staff at that facility welcomed her and the challenge of getting her back to health." and  "I can never hope to express my feelings as a mother when she first called me by name, and about all the many steps to full recovery she has taken since. But Pleasant Ridge Manor will always get my wholehearted recommendation to anyone who may be in need of therapeutic care or even long-term care."

A. Sperduto
Therapeutic and Long-Term Care

This excerpt was taken from an Erie Times News Letter to the Editor in January 2014. Regarding the care her husband received at PRM during his stay for rehabilitation after a fall, Mrs. Brandt says,

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the employees- administrative staff, nurses, and aides, dietary personnel, physical, occupational and speech therapists and Dr. Wick (Eardley Wickramsinghe, M. D., medical director) for the excellent care he received. I have never encountered a more professional, competent and caring group employed by one medical facility. It is a credit to Pleasant Ridge to maintain the quality of care in this ever-changing world and mobile society.

I would also like to thank all for taking care of me and our family, There was no question or concern that we had that was not answered or addressed. Having him there over the holidays, and the fact that I am on medical leave from my job, made this trying time even more difficult. The understanding and compassion every employee showed us was and is greatly appreciated.

Let me close by saying that I have, I do and always will recommend Pleasant Ridge Manor to anyone who is in need of its services."

Cindy Brandt
Erie, PA
Nursing Home Resident Family Member

This testimonial was written in a card sent to the Administration at PRM.

"To Pleasant Ridge Manor West,

Our Dad, Andrew Sasala, was a resident of your facility for the past 5 years. We have been very pleased with the quality of care he received. Your staff, volunteers, and patients made us feel welcome and provided a homey atmosphere.

Anyone who came in contact with us was always professional and caring. They were not only concerned for Dad but also for us as a family.

Placing the care of your loved one in the hands of others is not an easy thing to do. Never did we regret our choice to place him at Pleasant Ridge and close to home."

The Family of Andrew Sasala
Erie, PA

Nov.3rd... I am so Very Greatful to PLEASANT RIDGE MANOR WEST. They made the very last precious weeks of my Mommy's life so very Peaceful yet filled with less tears.. WE KNEW (her children, husband, sister, brother, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and close friends) that Mommy was treated like a "PRINCESS!" She talked about how kind and amazingly friendly everyone was to her. At the time my Mommy left I was unable to tell all who deserved this huge ~THANK YOU~

However now during this month of Gratitude,  I want to let the Finance staff know I appreciate them for all the assistance getting me through all the paper work that it took to help Mom get her care.  I want to say Thank you to Social Services. .for finding Mom the perfect room, and room mate. .and for listening to Mommy and for following all her wishes.Thank You to the Cleaning Staff and Activity Staff..for always making time to just chat with Mom. I honestly witnessed myself my Mom tell one housekeeper 3 different times that my daughter Kate was having a baby..and she (my mom) knew first!! This particular housekeeper responded each time with so much excitement for my Mom...that level of kindness is so amazing I just have no words.

Huge Thanks to the Kitchen staff. .Mommy's diet/appetite was sucky...even on a good day...One morning when Mom was brought her breakfast..she mentioned she wished she could just have a piece of cinnamon toast....with in 10 min. they made it and delivered it... (and that was not the last request..)they always did it for her..And finally the entire Nursing Staff (Rn Lpn & CNA) I can honestly say I completely understand what it's like to be in your shoes~ I was a CNA then an LPN at PRM. I UNDERSTAND how much physical work you much paper work you have..and then the unexpected ***crap happened*** and now we are behind night. But NEVER ONCE did anyone seem stressed...rushed..or impatient with our mom. What I DID SEE is a Nursing staff treating my Mom as if she was the ONLY RESIDENT on the unit..I seen them joke with her...Keeping her pain free and so happy and relaxed. I watched them give us privacy but also a constant supply of hugs and get we get you Mommy decided to go get her Angel wings.
 ((Huggs))and Thank You So Much to you all for making such an impact on my Family's life, and most especially my Mommy's life

Kimberly Moore-Perry
Family Member of Resident

"My experience in therapy at Pleasant Ridge was a very positive one. The therapists, students, and volunteers were wonderful. I never saw a frown on anyone's face - ever. They treated everyone with the utmost respect and patience.

Going to therapy was the best part of my day. Those kids are like one big happy family and they make you feel like you're part of it. You could talk to them about anything, shed a tear if you're having a bad day and it's o.k.

I can't say enough about them. It is also known in the community that the care you get here is the best.  I don't know if those kids are aware of that. When I get back on my feet - I plan to come back as a volunteer possible in the therapy department. I would love that!!"

Marolyn Michaels

Marolyn Michaels

 I am writing to express my gratitude for the care my late husband, Paul Duberow, received at Pleasant Ridge Manor West. I am thankful for the doctors and nursing staff, supervisors, physical and occupational therapists, and support personnel whose efforts made my husband's stay comfortable.

The caring staff at Pleasant Ridge Manor West made sure he received personal attention in regard to his dietary restrictions and social activities. He especially enjoyed dining with his friend, Will, and the many day trips and outings he was able to attend.

Many people involved in Paul's care deserve special mention, including but not limited to Dr. Dan Olson, Podiatrist, who did several skin grafts to help Paul heal, and social worker, Craig Heuser. Georgianna and the office personnel were indispensable in helping me during this difficult time. You couldn't ask for a better place for your loved one to be cared for than Pleasant Ridge Manor West.

Bobbie Duberow
Girard, PA
Long-Term Care

In a conversation with Mr. Lander before he was discharged, he had this to say: "The skills of the doctors and nurses are top notch. The therapists are all on the same page and there is a variety of therapy here."  He was happy with his unit saying, "They have everything you need to get better."  Regarding his discharge, he had this to say, "The financial people did everything to get me the help I needed."  and added, "They set up my meds for home until I see the doctor next and arranged for a private meeting room." 

Chuck Lander

"I, along with my family, would like to thank the entire staff of Pleasant Ridge Manor for the care, compassion and kindness to my sister, Margaret Hanuschak, during her stay with you. We recognized the care you gave certainly went 'above and beyond.' The love, respect and graciousness you showed Margaret was never taken for granted and so very appreciated.  My sister thrived and was so happy at Pleasant Ridge. We were all saddened by her passing in January. Each of you held a special place in Margaret's and our hearts. Thank you for making th last years of her life comfortable and fun. You all had a way of always making her feel so special. We feel truly blessed to have had PRM caring for my sister. Thank you each and every one of the Pleasant Ridge family."

Helen Zelina
Taken from the Erie Times News